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The Industrial Hemp Association of Victoria (IHAV) is a non-profit organisation committed to representing growers, researchers, retailers and supporters. We are dedicated to education, industry development, and the accelerated expansion of the market for industrial hemp.

In 1998, Victoria was the first Australian State to pass legislation permitting growers, under licence, to grow industrial hemp. This is the form of Cannabis Sativa, L. which has none of the psychoactive properties of marijuana. In twelve years, the industry has not progressed.

Hemp food is consumed in every industrialised economy, with the exception of Australia. Even in the United States, where hemp food is legal, it is all imported (mostly from Canada) because growing industrial hemp in the U.S. is illegal...read more.

Check out this link on the ABC website, for a quick 1 minute demo on the importance and uses of industrial hemp.

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Dec 03, 2013
LAS VEGAS - Hemp, Inc. is pleased to update shareholders on the recent harvest of 108 acres of hemp in Northwest China. The crop has yielded approximately 40,000 kg of seeds and 35,000 kg of raw fiber, according to Hemp, Inc.'s contract partner, the Yasheng Group, which is noted as one of China's largest agricultural producers. via WSJ . full story....

Dec 2, 2013
Hemp production sees steady growth in Canada, Canada's hemp growers grew a record-large crop in 2013, and while acreage to the multi-use crop is still very small compared to most other options, further increases are expected next year. via Grainews full story....

Nov 19, 2013
Q: Is hemp as healthy as it seems? A: Yes, via Shape.com full story....

Oct 17, 2013
Tasmanian Government Standing Committee on Environment, Resources and Development - report on the Inquiry into the Tasmanian Industrial Hemp Industry,findings: The Committee finds that the evidence received from hemp industry participants shows that the most lucrative market for industrial hemp is its use in food products. full report (PDF)....


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